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Bristol Living Soil
Community Compost Collective

Bristol Living Soil is Bristol's first Community Compost Collective.  We are coordinating food waste composting across St. Werburghs, St. Pauls and Easton to save vital nutrients, carbon and methane from escaping our food system and contributing to climate change. 

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Join The Collective

​You can sign-up and become a member at any time, we have three different memberships.  We want to take your food waste and return it to you transformed into amazing, biologically complete living soil!



Protozoa is a plan for people who want to get stuck in and drop-off their food waste themselves at our site at St Werburghs City Farm. Drop-off any Wednesday afternoon between 4:30-6:30pm. 


Protozoa is £10 p/m.



Nematode is a doorstep collection membership every 3 weeks for people living in St Werburghs, St Pauls, Easton, or St Judes.  We come along and collect your food waste on our electric bike and take it back to site.

Nematode is £12.50 p/m.



Earthworm is a bespoke membership for businesses, communities and organisations who want to join our collective.. Please get in touch and will come up with a fair-priced plan that suits you.

Earthworm is negotiable. 

To enquire about membership please email: info[at]

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Soil Health

The UK's soil health is at critical levels.  Soil unites everyone as it is vital for food production and maintaining a healthy microbiome.  From houseplants, to veg patches and allotments - we are working to restore soil heath at the local level and pioneer a model that can scale to have more impact.

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We will collect your food waste via zero-carbon transport (bike/trike) and process it in our tumblers.  We will add biochar and other carbon sources to create biologically complete, nutrient-rich compost. There will be a variety of plans to suit different needs, including free places for low-income households.

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In return for your food waste at the end of the year cycle, you will receive the highest quality biologically complete compost for your plants and veg.  This compost is worth more than the cost of the membership and will help cultivate balanced soils that minimise pests and facilitate healthy plant growth.

Why Join Bristol Living Soil?


By joining Bristol Living Soil you will become part of a community helping regenerate our local biosphere - saving vital nutrients from leaving our food system, reducing food miles and creating a carbon sink.  Your membership will also support local food growing projects and the emergence of a decentralised network of compost collectives across Bristol.

For those not wishing to join, or not in the catchment area of St. Werburghs - St. Pauls - Easton, please share this project with others, and consider coming to one of our events which are open to all.

Project Partners

We would like to express deep gratitude to Old Tree SoilSt. Werburghs City Farm, Coexist, Transition Network and Ashley Vale Allotment Association as well as everyone else who has contributed to get the project this far.  Together we aim to rebuild Bristol's soils and communities by taking a commons approach to our waste and our collective ability to respond to the needs of our time.

If you wish to contact us please email: info[at]

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